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Aftertreatments of the surfaces created can improve appearance and corrosion resistance.

Black finished or phosphated parts require aftertreatment to protect them against corrosion. As a rule parts are dipped into a water-in-oil (mixture) emulsion.

By annealing parts after surface treatment the danger of brittle fractures caused by hydrogen induction can be reduced.



  • positive valorisation of optical appearance
  • improvement of corrosion resistance
  • easier subsequent installation
  • your parts are re-delivered ready for assembly, no extra expenditure

Examples of application

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  • metal
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Areas of application:

  • black finishing
  • phosphatng
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Other advantages:

  • inexpensive
  • prevention of brittle fracture


  • glass and corundum blasting
  • emulsion lubrication
  • water displacement
  • passivating
  • painting
  • drying
  • annealing up to 200 °C

Standard applied:

  • according to drawing or customer specification


glass bead blasting